Sharp mind

I had a sharp mind as a kid

I was a smart kid

Can I regain my sharpness back?

It seems as if the sz has blunted my sharpness

Sometimes I wonder if I really have sz

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I was sharp too, now I’m not. I’ve lost some things.


Yes we all have our share of misfortunes

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What exactly do you feel that you’ve lost?
Cause if it’s the sense of wonder that only kids can experience, it happens to everyone, sz or not.

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i feel i have lost the agility of mind.

previously or as a kid i was very quick at grasping n reacting to things, now i feel i have mellowed down

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Me too. I used to have witty replies on my tongue up until the age of 18 or 19. Then something inside my head snapped. I became more conformist and compliant. And it wasn’t my illness as the onset occurred at 30.

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ok so we share the same experience

but in my case it was the illness that did me in

Do you play any games?

no i dont

and am not interested

i know where u r getting at

by playing games u need to react fast and that can help regain the agility

but i m not too amused by games


Well, I don’t know what makes you tick but if you can find fun in doing something, keep doing it. Don’t let the interest die off. It could be reading or collecting insects or drawing or singing or talking politics. In my case it’s chatting with different people that sets my mind in motion and since I speak 3 languages it’s great mental exercise.

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wow u r versatile

u can speak 3, even i can speak 3 but all local indian languages including of course english but

which 3 u speak?

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I speak Romanian - my mother tongue. Then, French and English with acceptable fluency. I know a few words in Japanese too and I am trying to build on that but with this illness I lose focus easily.
Which languages do you speak?

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ok so u know french

well excuse my french

so u r romanian, currently residing there or somewhere else?

I’ve just returned from France after living and working there for a little over a year. My symptoms got worse after a failed romantic relationship.
I live with my family in Romania now.


ok good for u

nothing gets better than being in family

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Thanks! Yes it’s true. Nothing better than mama’s soup to help me regain some taste for living.
Do you live in India? Which state?

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yes i m in india in bombay

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Cool. Never been to India.
But I believe the movie “Slumdog millionaire” depicts the difference between poor and rich people living in Mumbay right?

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india is a cool place.

u should visit it sometimes

yes the movie does and there is a lot of difference between the rich n poor but still bombay thrives the way it is and we all leave peacefully and the spirit of bombay is always cool

romania is a cool country too. i think its a bit poor just like india right?
howz the weather there and how r the romanian chicks?

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Weather here just got hot after a few rainy weeks.
Romania is an Eastern European country, rich in landscapes and natural resources, but people’s behavior throughout the last century has made it a bad place to live in. We stopped investing in education, healthcare and infrastructure. The elites are leaving the country for the western countries. I’m talking about the most qualified doctors, engineers, scientists etc.

By “chicks” I assume you mean women, not poultry. :grinning:
We have many beautiful women of course. I am not a womanizer but a friend of mine is. He never gets tired of picking up young good-looking students. He charms them with a fuzzy mix of sweet talking, fake erudition and sometimes the smell of money - he knows how to seem rich even though he isn’t. But he rarely succeeds in seducing a smart woman.

We still have a certain level of bigotry but overall men and women have equal professional opportunities and equal pay, especially in the large cities. In contrast, the rural population has less money, is less educated and is often taken advantage of by lying politicians during elections.

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