Sharing things of me lately

Lately I have been drinking a lot of water,and exercise everyday(least 2hr),been thinking of my hobby badminton the whole day even at work,I call it badminton addiction,which is bad…I wish I could think of my work all the time

Still haven’t had a girlfriend,but I believe I will get one i love someday,hug,thanks


I have been trying nicotine gum to get off cigarettes. Sometimes, if I chew it too fast, it makes me nauseated. I’m gonna keep working with it though and try to learn how to use it correctly.


I’ve had a slew of people asking me… but what do you DO again? What do you do? For a job what do you actually do?

In picture form, I’m trying to explain it to others…

I am part of team that takes something like this…

and turns it into this…

George town neighborhood “hat and boots” park. With community garden and play area.

It used to be some old used car lot and then a nasty trucker coffee stand… now it’s a park.


That is impressive.

I used to work for a landscaping company when I was in college the first time around. I loved the peace and quiet of it. I quit due to a family emergency, but I also wasn’t looking forward to the Louisiana summer.