Sharing some qoutes about my view

surrounded by life. Every movement and sound seem connected. Im exited, Im afraid. Im trying to create a brighter future.

I got my family, I trust my culture. Im going to take the help… in the future I want to return the act.

Without feelings nothing seem new.
Without love, theres no feelings.
With trust… let’s wait and see.

Just sharing my writing, Im trying my best to improve.


She walked inside, we looked at each other.
Her smile felt like a sunny day.

After the sun comes the rain, at this point I dont mind the rain.

Sun and rain seem the same, i want to see the sun everyday.

In the back of my mind it feels like the sun is teasing me and feeding of me.


As the new day starts we think theres a new life, when the night comes we realise once again that we have seen it all without experiencing it.

I have some goals to work towards now :slight_smile:

Going to visit my sister today :slight_smile:

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