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What’s some things you’ve learned over the years? Can be mental illness related or not.

  1. You can analyze yourself and your past all you want, but understanding your problems isn’t going to make them go away. However it will help you learn about patterns in your life and learning about the existence of a pattern is the first step to being able to break it and form new healthier ones. Also, knowing yourself isn’t a bad thing. So it’s still worth doing.

  2. Your past is never just going to not bother you anymore. However, you can learn that when it is bothering you you don’t have to get lost in it forever, and you will come back to the present eventually.

  3. Not a single addicted person goes into something thinking they’re going to get addicted. It starts with just wanting to try something out, and then realizing you like it. No one is immune to addiction. Don’t say it’s not going to happen to me.

  4. In fact, in regards to literally anything, don’t say it’s not going to happen to me. This is an excuse we use to try to get away with doing dangerous things. You are not special and protected from dangerous things. Be proactive in taking care of your health both physical and mental.

  5. You can’t control your feelings, but you can control what you do about them.

  6. Taking care of your physical health is important and has a substantial impact on your mental health. Everyone shrugs this off.

  7. When you’re mentally ill you can’t trust your thoughts. Depression can make it seem like life was always terrible and will always be terrible. Psychosis will give you a million points of evidence that your delusional belief is true, and you will accept it as evidence no matter how faulty it may be in reality. Be aware of this.

  8. Therapy can teach you how to cope with the pain and insanity but only medication will take it away. Therefore therapy is useful, but the only way to be symptom free is through medication.

  9. Cold turkey quitting medication is NEVER a good idea

  10. Before you want to go off meds, or therapy, think of why you went on them or started it in the first place. Talk to loved ones about what you were like without help. Read your old journals. Sometimes we forget, especially when we have been stable for a good while and the only thing bugging us is side effects.

I dunno what else that’s all for now

  1. The more help you need the less you get
  2. The less help you need the more you get
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Never get caught drinking out of the milk carton

Don’t floss in front of the mirror

Toilet roll goes on the outside

(oh wait…these are tips for a happy marriage) :wink:

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When you feed the hungry you nourish your own soul.

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