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So You Feel As If You Lost Someone OR Something ,

But You Can’t Put It Into Words ,

It’s Within Your Living Breathing Thots ,

Somewhere Deep Inside ,

Lost and Youre Losing Hope ,

It Will Never Return You Say … ,

Then Tha Years Pass ,

Tha Moments Pass ,

Still Gone , You STILL Smile ,

But Something Is Gone , , ,

One Day You Fall Asleep and Disappear ,

Where Are You Now (???) ,

You Awake In A Soft Beautiful Bed ,


You Stand and Look Around Thee Altars ,

Little Pieces Of All That Was Lost ,

You See A Shadow Of Such and Your Memory Screams Of Joy (!!!) ,

It Didn’t Go N E Where ,


and You See A Door … ,

Do You Walk Throo It (???) ,

So Do You (???) , , ,

Do You Believe In Life After Love (???)

I do, very much so.

I don’t miss my former loves anymore :smile:

Good to hear from you @ATARI

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look allways look for found love. the friend that have it bad, because two paths devided.

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e(Y)e Personally Know NOTHING Bout NOTHING , I Meen If NOTHING Is Full Of NOTHING , Then It’s Easy To Say That One Would Know Everything About Such … , So It Comes As No Surprise That e(Y)e Know Everything About NOTHING , Witch Is NOTHING , So e(Y)e Would Say Frankly , I Know NOTHING About Such … , So Once Again and I’ll Say It Clearly On / Within An Equalization Proclamation , I Know NOTHING About NOTHING , OR Shall I Say , EVERYTHING …



My life is so much better after love, or at least after that kind of love. I don’t know if I was just really bad at it or what, but I don’t care for myself when I am in a fixated, possessive relationship. When I find myself thinking, I am theirs and they are mine, my ability to see what’s best for me and appreciate what’s best for them takes a huge hit.

Right now, I’m in a I am mine and she is hers and we prefer each other’s companionship sort of relationship, and it’s the best I’ve had. We feel like a team.

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I’m about to look like a huge jerk here but thot means That Hoe Over There to the kids now. :frowning: Like bae.

But I find the words “one day you will fall asleep an disappear” incredibly romantic. Very beautiful image. I would like it if when we died we didn’t leave a corpse, that we just weren’t there anymore. Nothing for anyone to clean up, no mess. Just silence.

I don’t believe in life after love. I think you get one and that’s it. Of course a perfect love ends with death so if you and someone else are in love and it doesn’t work out that doesn’t count. True love entails loyalty till death. I would be extremely confused if I ended up having feelings for someone after C was gone because of this idea. I’m a priority person. Everyone gets a number. If someone loved you till death but someone else picked up where they left off and loved you as much as the last person in as fulfilling a way what do you do? If I don’t love him and only him till death as well then my love for him isn’t perfect.