Share what you learned from therapy

I learned by my last therapy session, to keep things clean and neat, short and sweet. Dress nicely, like match your outfits, people notice when you have odd mismatched clothing. I used to not care about it. But it sends a good impression. Hygiene, keep your teeth brushed often even use 3d whitening strips if you can afford it. Hair cut, combed, gel. That is the clean and neat part. Now on to short and sweet. Keep your speech short to the point, concise. Don’t babble. One thought at a time. Make it sound good. Appealing. That is what I learned from my last therapy session.


I learned that one of the theories about homosexuality is that its a mutation to make males hangout with the women of the village and protect them then try to have sex with the manly men when they come back from hunting or killing other people or whatever they do. My shrink tells me the newest theories about whatever I bring up (told him I was bisexual)

Im obviously not a flaming faggot though, im quite masculine and am a powerlifter, and besides im Bi not gay, so I guess im just mildly mutated? Like hangout with the women of the village or tribe or whatever a couple days out of the week? LOL

I sometimes wonder if my shrink makes this ■■■■ up.

I don’t know if he makes it up but some of it certainly makes me smile and/or shake my head. I would say very outdated. Doesn’t fit with what the world is today.

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From my therapist I learned how to communicate what is going on in my head to my family. I’ve gotten my anger out of my system and I got over my self pity.

I also learned mindfulness.


I don’t think I’ve learned anything useful from therapy. It seems that all things therapy has been posted around the internet and seem to be common sense now. In fact, it seems I know more than my therapist about my own diagnosis since I’ve spent a lot of time researching it. She actually admitted that to me once after saying that therapy isn’t very effective for me and that there’s not much point in it other than to “Touch base”.

Knowledge aside, it does feel good just talking to someone about things.

So, what I learned from therapy? Like most things nowadays, it is replaceable by the internet.

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Well I think it’s how plan ur session. There will always be another topic to talk about I wouldn’t feel like I’ve run into a dead end with my therapist. People think they know all there is to know about a certain subject. But I don’t think that’s possible.

I’ve learned that I am not digging for gold, I have to be patient, things like this take time. To think positive,not negative. To accept the things I cannot change, and find happiness inside not on the outside.


I have, and still am, learning coping mechanisms for different situations. I also learned to be a person that has schizophrenia, not a schizophrenic person. Although, I am still relatively new to CBT.


i learnt don’t scare the the psychologist !?!
take care


your shrink sounds like he is from pre historic times !?!..UGG…UGG…
does he use an actual stone tablet and a flint to chisel down these genius words of wisdom…
he should be in a museum next to sigmund freud…
not everything in life has to be analysed or catagorised.
take care


I dont know if I am learning anything really new. Like my therapist said, its a good place to see how im doing, especially on my meds and such. It also gets me out of the house and getting used to talking to people

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