Share a good news with you all

Hey guys,I wanna share a good news about me with all of you,I been wanting to get a GF and I think I finally found one,we held hands and get close with each other,even though she is not the prettiest girl but she is very cute looking,I like her personality a lot,she is talkative and had some initiative…

We just met each other a few times,hopefully she would and can accept me and I would like to know more about her too…this is my good news,thank you all and have a nice day


congrats bud, hope it all works out for you!

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Really good news. I am happy for you ! Wish everything goes smoothly with your romantic relationship !

Take care.


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I hope things work out for the best! Looks aren’t everything

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Sohare got to agree,and thanks

I’m happy for you. I could use a girl friend myself.

That’s great news! I know you’ve been talking about wanting a romantic relationship for a while now.

Just take things slow and easy and be yourself.

I hope this develops into something positive and wonderful for you.




Thx,I will try my best to remain calm and positive,yea been wanting a romantic relationship,glad we had held hands,it’s a really nice feeling for me


Congratulations… I’m glad you found someone who is nice and makes you happy.

Good luck and I hope this will grow gently into something strong.

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Hey @Mobc1990, SO glad to wake up and read this, I know you’ve really wanted a girlfriend for a long time. My only piece of advice to you is to take it slow. Don’t rush things. Other than that, congratulations are in order!

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Hey good going! Yeah I would take it slow - don’t rush it - and of course congratulations

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Good doing @Mobc1990! That is very good news!

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Yea,I ought to take your advice and slows down the speed a little but also let nature take course though

Yes,that’s important,and thanks

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Great news that you got a potential GF!
I agree with sohare1981 that looks are not everything, looks can change, so there has to be something that will keep your interest. Also, try not to find out everything about her too soon, there needs to be some mystery left later to discover.

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Yea,she’s a very active girl and had friends,unlike me am a loner,but I had mystery to let her find out,I don’t know about her,but I think she has,she is mentally normal which I don’t know if it’s good or not good?

The main thing that matters is what you both have in common that you enjoy doing. It’s good to not be the same in everything, because then there is nothing left to talk about.

Yes,I would hope she had a lot of things in common with me,we only met a few times,she likes me and I would try to give her care and love,she grabbed my hand first,I am happy for myself and hopefully she likes the decision she made also,she’s my first GF

Now I only worry about my illness would affect the relationship but this can leave to the later

congratulations hunni. this is great news! keeping my fingers crossed for u that it works out. xxx

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