Shanai twain

I’ve already posted this before but I think Shania Twain has a mental illness. I saw a video about her and she wasn’t acting normal. I already posted that she had personal problems which forced her to retire. She got lime disease and believe it or not the lime disease affected her vocal chords. And her best friend cheated on her with her husband. I think she might have sz.

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It’s Okay.

You’re Allowed to Think… . … :100:

She seems ok in this recent interview.

what in the royal good golly Jake. where are your references. @admin: add informational references so I do not become misinformed. thanks.

Shania Twain (is) ShmexXxie Though.

Aww Man,

I’m Saddened Again… . … :100:

If Shania was mine, I’d walk the line.


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