Shame and Guilt

I do not want to cross any boundary about religions, but I’d like to know your thinking into this.

Is there a chance that shame and guilt to come from some older past life as well?
And by this I am thinking that in my life I had different lifes ( periods of time) and at certain points I did stupid things. It came to me recently that I looked up over all my life.

I have shame and guilt but it’s definitely from my past (i.e. from when I was born till now). Things that I can point to.

Are you just feeling shame and guilt but can’t point to anything specific?


I can point specificaly about guilt and shame for things I 've done in my past, but looks like I could not control myself or that the events were not in my control.
And came to me, this " what if…" ideea, that some events were programed before.
Might be this a delusion as well? Because beside shame and guilt, comes blame. And I do blame myself.

Also is there anybody that feels guilt and shame just for being with sz?