Shame after masturbation

Do you feel a little shame after you have done yourself a little favor with a self induced
release of dopamin?

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My issue is with today’s porn.
Most of it is disgusting.


Why should I? I’m a man with tons of testosterone running through me. It’s completely fine to masturbate

Deepfake porn is good

Paranoia ruined masterbation for me. Haven’t been able to do that in years.

I think there are cameras everywhere but my wife gives me plenty of sex.

So I have no complaints aside from occasional ED. Thanks antipsychotics.

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You dont even know, my man …

I’m getting old, didn’t realize it was actually a thing now. Thought it was just theoretical.


Me too 1554455444

Check your PMs …

Enjoy :bearded_person:

That’s just sick. Not masturbating, but deepfake.

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So is everyone on here :man_shrugging:

It’s the same feeling you get from curswords and children. We’ve been taught to feel shame so those negative emotions are attached to touching ourselves, because we’ve been taught to feel bad about it. It’s taboo to do such things. If it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t feel anything about it. Just think of something positive and it’ll go away with time.

Hell no, I’d like to quit my job and sit at home masturbating 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hell yes I feel shame after porno, if I had it my way there would be no pornography - what people do to get off these days is so ridiculously disgusting anyway!

I don’t masturbate.

I have but don’t anymore.

I just don’t get that much from it.
I can make myself orgasm but the orgasm is not so intense and it’s boring etc

I rather have intimacy with someone else etc

When I have madturbated in the past i had no shame after.

I madturbated in a porno once.
I regret it.
I made 2000 kr .
They gave me a huge dildo which was there idea.
I did what they said .

When I later met one of my x boyfriends he had seen it and recognised me and we laughed about it.

But yeah I could have shame for that but it’s better to look forward and not go over n over regrets etc

No dramazzzz

No shame.


Interesting … :chicken:

Are you sure you’re comfortable sharing this @SacredNeigh7 ?

I went into a doctor once saying I thought I masturbated too much…this was pre psychosis…

Anyways. Took me a long time later and some serious living to know the answer to that question.

The person says. Do I masturbate too much? becomes superseeded by the person who says. …Only ever chance I get…

I’m 49. I am way less horny and that is great and still. Every chance I get. :slight_smile:

I feel pretty anonymous here and it wasn’t many who saw it n it was over twenty years ago.

If it was out now and more had seen it I would be embarrassed but talk kindly to myself to move on.

I’m not religious and I don’t believe it’s a sin but I just don’t do it because I don’t get what I want out of it.the orgasm is just boring etc

I want love :two_hearts: making.intimacy.

I’m pretty open on this forum.

I think a lot of us are.


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Once a week is good for me as 7 days is the amount of time for my seminal vesicle to hold enough semen. Ejaculating after masturbation is alright I guess but I’d prefer a girlfriend to share the pleasure with.