Shame about your illness

My 25 year old daughter is doing well but struggles with shame about being schizophrenic. Any advice on how she can learn to overcome these feelings?


there is no ’ shame '.
she deserves a medal :trophy: or maybe three.
should a person in a wheel chair feel ashamed…?.
or someone who has had a stroke feel ashamed…?
it is society who should be ashamed for so many years neglecting those who are different and do not conform to the norm…that society expects.
take care :alien:


Get her to read books on mental illness stigma by Patrick Corrigan


The most intelligent person I know has Schizophrenia. He is the most handsome, kind, loving man on earth. He is so strong for still being able to show his personality when he is struggling so much with the constant weight of paranoia, anxiety and voices,
People with Schizophrenia who seek treatment must be some of the strongest people alive. Schizophrenia is difficult, so those who keep pushing through are working constantly to accomplish their goals…
I see absolutely no shame in any of these qualities.
Would a diabetic be ashamed of their insulin pump? Would a plan-crash survivor be ashamed of a broken limb? Would your daughter feel ashamed if she had the flu? Probably not. Because those illnesses aren’t stigmatized like schizophrenia is.
Remind her of all of the ways that she breaks stigma. She is living proof, take examples of her own life and show her how much she has done with it. :slight_smile: :relaxed:

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It’s not so much shame for me, but a certain awkwardness that it brings into life. I spend time thinking about it, so it is sort of like a shame. On the opposite side of that it’s not something you can really be proud of.

She must research more about sz then she will know she’s not alone. If she knows this it will help, just knowing there are lots of others out there also suffering, brings relief. Knowledge is power.

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Thanks for the responses and support. I told her she shouldn’t have shame, if she had cancer she wouldn’t feel shame but she responded mental illness is different. I wish I could offer more advice that would help. I will refer her to the author you mentioned and the books.