Shaman and his butterflies

This shaman i saw down in the amazon on a video, his home was blanketed in butterflies, his entire area was absolutely covered in them, all of it.

At first i thought “how does he attract them”, or “wow, thats really cool, wish i could do that.”

But after watching more of the video i thought “HOLY ■■■■ WE HAVE TO GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF THERE!” Because looming in their waters are fish that swim up your pee pee and then stick a freaking barb in you and you can’t get them out, they’ll just swim up any hole and you can’t get them out, it’s a hook.

Screw the butterflies, gotta keep people away from the ■■■■■ fish. Magical things would be way better and i could enjoy them if it weren’t for the sadistic nightmarish things that happen.

Ill enjoy the butterflies when there aren’t fish swimming up your pee holes and sticking barbs inside of you.

Seriously, what is magic in a situation like this? Nothing at all really, like some guy doing some stuff that doesn’t pertain at all while you get your arm bitten off by a crocadile.

Just rambling and what im told are thoughts.

EEEk! The Candiru!!!
Actually if you study the creature you will find the phenomenon is very rare, and much info is actually false and based on paranoia started with a just a few incidents and only one documented case in modern times.
However, I would not want to go in the river just in case!

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