Shallow relationships

I am talking to a surprisingly high number of coworkers and even customers. On the outside I might even look extroverted. But it pains me bc all it is is joking around. It’s been so long since I had a real friend that I forget how to really go deep in conversations or just make friendly eye contact without panicking.

I am more optimistic about my future social life but I am self critical about how shallow I am in relationships, joke after joke but no real substance to much of what I say.

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You just need to meet the right people. They’re out there but you might find that you’re a lot more real than most people are. The suffering that we endure makes shallow relationships difficult. At least you have a job that’s good.

Gosh you describe how I feel exactly. Everything has turned so dull and shallow since the onset of my illness…I’m hoping in the future there will be better treatment of negative and cognitive symptoms

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I wish fakeness in all areas of life would be weeded out. I just can’t stand how fake American society is.

Ur prob right man, about finding people, I guess it’s a matter of finding people that won’t judge the crap out of you when thy see your insecurities

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I go to AA. Nobody cares in that place. But, you never really know how people feel about us mentally ill. Considering how lowly most people are we usually end give ourselves enough credit.

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Most deep relationships start out pretty shallow. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a true friendship. Part of the process is just joking around with people for an extended period of time. My best friend in the world started out as just some girl who sat at my lunch table. The deep stuff usually doesn’t happen until you’ve built up some trust and respect for each other, because talking about that stuff makes people feel vulnerable. They don’t want to do it with just anybody.


Everything u just said makes sense.

I guess I just am desperately lonely and want instant friendship. Doesn’t work that way though

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