Shaking arms after holding a heavy bag?

I take cozapine 200, paroxetine 37.5 CR, clobazam 10

After holding a heavy bag of groceries for 10-15mins, my whole arm starts shaking and tremoring. It goes away the next day though.

Is this normal ? Can meds cause this ?

I was squeezing a spray bottle for a little while and afterwards my hand was moving on it’s own.
I guess it could be the meds.

Muscles can shake after an intense period of activity. It does not necessarily mean it is your meds.


Personally I think it’s normal and not med related. But I’m not a doctor.

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its normal, think about it like lifting weights u hold a heavy weight in one position to long u start shaking, the only way to change it is to increase your muscle strength and endurance and better posture

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