Shadow people and Static vision, unusual belife and preception

Past month I was working and going to school, while dealing with family and relationship stress.
One night while i was sleeping, my uncle came into my room to grab my keys to move my car.
Immediately after he left and the door closed. My room was dark, I felt this rush of anxiety, and air of a person run towards my bed.

I closed my eyes as to protect myself from seeing it. However, I wanted to look it in the eyes, opening my eyes I saw this static image of man standing over me through the bed. It preceded to get closer to me till I then spoke out loud and said “NO.” It immediately shattered like an invisible image of glass that faded away.

I then said for this “spirit” to leave by the power of god. Never saw it since, however soon after seeing this shadow. I started having even more stress, till my relationship with my girlfriend snapped me.

I was incoherent and making no sense at all. After a long stress full month I’ve finally had the time to write this.

In my attempts to regain stability both mentally and in life. I find myself yet again alone in the same situation I’ve been in before. I’m trying to connect without my SZ interfering with the right me and my life. Its tough, but I got to keep on pushing through.

Unusual beliefs, this is regarding my Idea of what that Shadow was to me. Because soon after seen this shadow. I saw this image Molecule Man sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky, Roybal Center and Federal Building. It tripped me out because It was to coincidental on how it closely resembled to the shadow I saw. I started to think how dimensions would play in apart of this. Then it just gets weird from there.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you the best.