Shadow nymphs. A poem

The shadows that lurk
on the pale yellow walls
Peering out from behind
the brightly patterned curtains
The tails slithering quickly under
The woven tapestry chair
The nymphs of darkness
And rats of the below
I’ve come to call them.
Sinister yet almost playful
They dance in the cobwebed corners and
Under the antiquated furniture.
Mostly I don’t notice them
Or if I do I just ignore
But sometimes it seems
They wish to interact
They are more ominous
And they jump out
From behind the door
Startling me into heartracing anxiety
Peer out at me
With curled lips and
Bared teeth
I sit silently, tv faint
Hoping this will end well
And as fast as they appear
They fade into the sunlight
Another day has begun.
Farewell my shadow nymphs.


That’s a nice imagery. Well done

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I really dont think this is poetry but maybe a journal?

Great poem @FatMama!

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