Sexuality and Howard Jones, well, maybe Freud?

the Howard Jones song,

“and you want her, and she wants you, we want everyone…no one is to blame.”

I’d like to take back my entire life that fits that lyric. ha.

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I just want to thank Ryan, on I-rock, when I screamed at him, I don’t like that song! nobody til him could have said, Ok, but it’s over now. ha.

Good 80s tune.

Lately in my brain has been:

Crosby singing in the song ‘hero’ but it’s not the part you may think.

It’s: ‘Shadow and shade, mix together at dawn. But when you finally find it, simplicity is gone. So we sort through the pieces… my friends and I. Searching through the darkness to find, the breaks in the sky’.

The melody rocks too.

@Daze I’m all about writing lyrics out bc I think it gives a better chance of others seeing what you mean!

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As an English major I really struggled with Freud’s ideas. I’m like, why do you want to compare emotions with sexual organs??

It’s been so long. I hope you are doing well.


I tried learning to play guitar to them. I was only 20. don’t recall this one you mentioned.
sometimes it’s just impression, maybe nothing too deep? idk.

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well, I don’t know how obvious H.D. was, but Freud met her, and asked her, Why don’t you want me?
here she was, a lesbian, and he made her cry!

@anon10648258 have you ever read Carl Jung? I found him much more interesting than Freud personally

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Historically I only liked the sound of tunes; I believe that’s referred to as melody? I’ve always liked said tune I mentioned.

Revisited the song after gaining an appreciation for lyrics. Song is good all around and I think you probably have heard it. I think there was an mtv music video!!!

I’ve heard it said, when you hear the instrumental, you’re well.

when you hear only the lyrics, you’re depressed.

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Well as my nephew said as a baby: Uh-eeh. Probably am in the boat of depression when you strip away my fondness for stimulants!!

My favorite band is The National… it’s on the depressing side but it makes you feel less alone!

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yeah. my little ones went thru the gamet, first classical for a couple of years, then coming home day care with Ozzy on the radio. ha.

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Derailed your thread but bringing it back I would say that a person’s sexuality including you obviously, is more complicated than The chorus of an 80s radio tune.

well, they say, it’s easy to be beautiful, it’s much harder to appear so.

When sz. hit, didn’t it all seem much more internal.\ I was told at a young age, I was an object.
long story. just a part of attractions.

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Desperately want to say to you, especially since you’re fresh off suspension, that I’m a big fan of yours.

You read my 4 page memoir at the time. You also chimed in your support to say to me ‘I hope you get the girl’ when I was detailing my romantic delusion of ‘the one who got away’.

People like yourself and myself need to know though that our connecting of some dots, and leaps of logic, etc etc, aren’t always going to be understood! I don’t think people always follow me, and I would say similar of you!

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that means a lot me. thanks. Back! too.

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This Johnny Cash lyric:
“Old man swearing at the sidewalk
And I’m overcome.
Seems that we’ve both forgotten
Forgotten to go home.”

I think of it every time I see a soul brother (or sister) talking to their inner demons on the street.


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