Sexual abuse and schizophrenia

I was speaking with a 31 y/o woman the other day who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia for 10+ years.

Somehow it came up that she had been in an incestuous relationship with her brother for much of her childhood, until he was put in prison for drug related charges. What I found shocking about this was that she did not seem to think that anything was wrong or unusual with the incestuous relationship. According to her, at least two of her real life friends had been in sexual relationships with their siblings.

This is all very shocking and disturbing to me. I was curious if anyone on here believes that sexual abuse helped contribute to their development of mental illness?

It could play role for sure. There are many types of abuse and they could all “help” trigger mental illness. Where was she from? Incest could be a cultural thing in some places. Sounds like it wasn’t here…

West coast in the USA. I’m pretty sure it’s not a cultural thing. Though she was very poor from a family with 7+ siblings.

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Was her brothers drug of choice meth?

Seems meth and incest go together.

I’m not sure, I didn’t ask much about him, probably though.

F*cking gross! Another reason to dislike methheads!

Yeah. Meth excites sexual impulses that shouldn’t be excited. Kentucky West Virginia Florida …even some places out west have a lot of meth AND incest. Yuck

Yes that is definetly weird.

I think trauma plays a role.

Maybe you’re on to something! I recall asking another chick from the west coast her biggest fantasy and she said incest with her father. We didn’t talk again after that! :no_mouth:

Rural places like parts of Oregon especially

Both were actually from major cities in Cali, but from poor areas of their respective cities.

why do you think most families only want 1 child, it happens to a lot of families.

In my area, some rape victims do develop psychosis, especially college-aged victims. Sometimes other family members develop mental problems too…Honestly, the mental care and therapy here is really pretty bad, probably contributes to the poor thing cracking up and psychosis starting. If any PTSD is involved due to back history of sex abuse, the terrible quality of the mental care does usually mean the patient will crack up and it will take 2-3 years before the lady is functioning okay again…My area has long history of covering up some really violent sex abuse, mental care just seemed to take advantage of it and use the girls instead of straighten them out. Most ended up SPMI.

My area does have stories of kids hearing voices and being called away by ‘GOD’ only to be molested…ran into another on this schizo board who has same story. Cops refused to intervene so neighborhood kids just had to know to ignore voices, stay out in open and girls never went into in the wooded areas alone. (This doesn’t go on any longer btw.)