Sexting, selfies, music

You might not believe this, but most guys are the first to send pic of their ■■■■■.

Women have laws, but if it’s individual with one guy, what the heck, right?

I do my selfies for any man I might be sexting with, not my blog, or facebook, or linked in, or

I like iheart a lot! Having so many near panick attacks in bed, like it to soothe me.

Really because I thought women send pics of their dicks first…before men do.

Wait wut?

Unless those squares mean something different than i thought it does

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ah, well, most think it’s all teen girls.

@turningthepage, I’m ready to respond to your fine, fine, intelligent, uplifting posts. Whenever you’re ready.

Daze…take your meds…or sleep…or eat…your not yourself today…and ive never sent a dick pic and ive never sexted…you know alot of the users on here have low sex drive due to the meds right?..

You cause too much drama IMO. It’s like you go out of your way to cause drama. You’re the only one really. Not saying I don’t want you here, but just try to be more serene, or something…

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@Nomad, you see what I mean?

I’ve never texted…never sexted…and never took a selfie…but I do lurve music.

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So, get this, @turningthepage belittles my post, criticizes, and then calls me all drama.

And if I counter this,I’m all drama. I’m all screwed up. I’m going off in my mind.

@daze id love to see your writing PM me your blog url

@Nomad just wants you to sext him while you’re writing in the nude. Don’t do it Daze! Think of the children!!

All im gonna say is, no matter how “off” a person sounds… it NEVER helps to say “you’re not yourself” or “take your meds or sleep”. Its a generic thoughtless way of responding to a person, and im guilty of it just like others. It comes from just not knowing what to do or how to help

I’ve received a bunch of ■■■■ pics, they get blocked immediately.

I don’t send nude selfies, maybe for my bf I would. without my face.

sexting is fun and there’s no harm in it depending on the person.


Patrick, is there where someone laughs?

I thought you were into Cougars. Aren’t you only 19? I could be wrong.

can we like start a sexting thread just for fun then? haha that would be kool and also pretty weird haha (maybe weird, probably) idk

I dated a sixth grader in fourth grade. And I happen to get along well with middle aged women.

But still, your joke wasn’t funny.

no, never, honey, only for my man.

My main problem is when I meet resistance, or an as-hole, I fight.

It’s part of the condition. Don’t think I’m asking for it.

Sometimes ya hit…sometimes ya miss…can’t win em all!

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C’mon board Jester. Up your game, or off with ya head!