Sex therapy

since my diagnosis i have always struggled getting an erection but past relationships havent been easy either now single for 2 years its got really bad and the only that works is cuckolding which is very bad.

has anyone had anything similar? its like anxiety not even that but my illness distracts me from the moment and too many scars from the past have affected me.

i really need help maybe i can bring this up in a cbt and get on the waiting list, i dunno.
please share your thoughts and advise me what to do

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sorry if its inappropriate i am really struggling and its bothering me all i want is a fulfilling life and this needs to be fixed

Have you tried ED medication?

And it’s not inappropriate,

We talk about dicks and erections here all the time.


The meds broke my dick too. I can still get erection for masturbation but for sexual performance it is no good. I havent tried viagra or those things mainly because i have low sex drive so i dont seek out sex.

Tantric workshops are very expensive but I think they are to help spiritual sacred sexuality and intimacy.

I guess talk to your dr.

Maybe you need therapy and or medication to help you.

When I had voices for about eight years it was often torturing me about sex but the sex was betrayal , violating and abusive and agonising.

Finally I enjoy sex and my boyfriend is a great lover.
Too many bad experiences and then the voices, moanes and spontaneous orgasms and etc

I just posted a meme on my Facebook and I thought it was funny because stuff like that tormented me in the past.

I hope you will be able to have a happy healthy sex life.

take abilify or a dopamine agonist and try not to have a serotonin antagonist

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