Sex researcher reveals the number of partners your brain can handle dating at once

Five to nine alternatives? At the same time? My mind can handle dating with just one. I feel horribly guilty otherwise and also if i have a wish to date others it means im not interested. As soon as im truly interested i have no joy in other chats/dates. And i even lack executive functions to date more.

I also cant bond when the other person dates with more. It is hard enough for me to bond as it is…I dont trust someone if there is competition.


What is your personal opinion @firemonkey?

I’ll stick to one person, only… :stuck_out_tongue:


@anon73478309 5-9 sounds way too much. It should be one person at a time.


365 days 365 ways :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I’d be open to a relationship like that. Tbh i do sometimes wonder if being DID instantly makes any relationship I’m in polyamorus :thinking:

I think she got the number 5-9 from working memory capacity, which is said to be between 5-9 for most people, but actually varies depending on the task. I don’t really know how that relates to dating multiple people, though. Seems speculative.

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I was my wife’s only boyfriend and she was my 3rd girlfriend. After 17 years we still couldn’t be happier than we are together


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