Sex is over rated

I’m no longer a virgin but believe me sex is over rated. I’m glad I did it with the person I did though


Eheh first times are disappointing most of the time, it kinda grows on you (pun intended)

But congrats Ishy, glad you did it?

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Honestly I didn’t like it more so liked the hugging and being so close to someone but now I have a whole challenge trying to emotionally disconnect myself from this guy. He is very nice but it won’t work in the Long run.

Well, my first time it was horrible to be honest, I didn’t like it one bit. That changed.

You should fall in love with someone, it’s different.

After my first time I thought I must be gay, because I was so unimpressed. I’m happy for you that you had a new experience. You might not ever fully emotionally disconnect from the guy, and that’s okay. Sex releases all kinds of bonding chemicals into the brain. Lots of people have lasting attachments to their first partners, even when it doesn’t work out.

Congrats Ish :balloon: :balloon:
Wish you many good and fulfilling sex’s.
First time mostly sucks.

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It gets better with practice…!

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I’m a guy and my first time sucked. Got a lot better though.

Congrats …@anon80629714 …!!!

You have to do what is best for you, but maybe you could give this guy another chance. If it doesn’t work then he will probably get the message and move on with no bad feelings.


Hello,congratulations…at least now you know how it feels…

Lol all the congratulations… Hilarious :joy_cat:

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Congratulations for the first sex. After having a lot of sex, you will feel sex is great.

What a nerd Have fun masturbating

So you mean nerd can only masturbate?

No but sex is important part of our lives and i dont get it why people try to justify not having sex. Sex is alright its u whos has the problem

But you said “Have fun masturbating”. So you already forget what you said?

If you watch porn frequently and masturbate you are not normal. Thats all Im sayin. It is Healthy to have sex with people not with sex dolls or your hands

Have sex. As often as you can. Life is too short. Get that young stuff. And enjoy :blush:

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