Sex in the laundry cleaners

There playing fifty shades of grey… Dont think its appropriate for laundry time but whatever. I suppose…


In a public laundromat? Where kids often run around?

If so, then yeah that’s pretty inappropriate. LOL.

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Right! We walk in and its at a scene with anal beads! I was like what in the world!.. O and i guess its the second one fifty shades darker or somethin like that…


They’re just trying to drum up some business.

What comes after fifty shades of smut?
Time to clean the sheets.


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That’s kind of weird. Is it a customers personal DVD or tape? If the owners of the laundromat are playing that someone should say something; it might be that they are clueless and they played it not knowing what it was about. If it’s a customers tape someone should have confronted them too because maybe they were clueless too.
It would have been bizarre for the owner or a customer to knowingly put that movie on.

That said, is it a good movie? Can you post a YouTube video of it here so we can all watch it?

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