SEveral years worth of The Writers Market and the DSM books

I waste money. Every year and they are pricey I buy the Writers Market and never write beans outside of for a class. Also every time a new Diagnostic and Statistical Mnaual for mental illness comes out I end up owning that too. I figure I don’t write cause I read the other and conclude I’m too crazy, lol. Seriously I pay all the bills and buy food and clothes and toys for the kids but never save money and what little I spend on myself is a waste so going to try to make a new budgeting, spending plan. Oh hi be around later have to take my youngest to his friend’s house, finish the laundry and take a quiz on negligence. desimb

I have the same problem with money. Its all accounted for the day I receive it.

I think about making a budget myself too, maybe if I put $10 aside every week I might get myself a holiday every two/three years. Its worth me planning it anyway.

As regards the DSM manual. Is it worth the buy. I thought only doctors bought it.

I got the DSM 5 from the library. It was pretty thick. I didn’t find it added anything to my understanding. Mostly definitions. Maybe it was there but I didn’t find much on schizophrenia.

You can get the Writer’s Market online - pay by the month. So when you need it you can subscribe and unsubscribe when you’ve you’ve got the info you need.

It’s not a waste of money if you bought it because you wanted it.
Want isnt measured in useful.

i like funny piggy banks, i have five , they make me laugh and i don’t regret buying them, and i love putting my change in them.
i always make sure i have five coins to put in all five of them, that way none of them are left out !!
we don’t want bad feeling coming between them all !!
no favorites, all are loved equally !
take care