Seven interviews in two weeks but no job offers


I don’t give up yet. But when I thought it couldn’t get worse my German Shepard who I know was eating the cat crap gave me a big face lick kiss a bit ago, good grief. At least I am not ditching my interviews none of them at all.


Good for you on sticking with it @desimb. Keep plugging away, and the dam will break.


Look on the bright side. At least you have interviews and therefore chances of getting hired. You’ll find a job eventually if you keep on trying. Good luck.



Maybe they haven’t hired anyone yet. Maybe follow up on these interviews with a call or go back in person.


dark sith can be seen being sick in a paper bag after reading desimb’s post…lol
take care :alien:


Hey when I was a teenager I applied to Mcdonalds 3 times and never got hired. and people say anyone can get a job at mcdonalds!!!

dont worry about it, the right job will come along. :blush:


Do they have some sor of labor pool where you live? I do not ķnow what trade you are looking for, but my boyfriend used to do construction, he would just show up, they would put him to work for the day, he would get paid that day, and on the days he did not feel up to working, he simply did not show up, no obligation. I know for females, they ofeel work as well, typing and computerror work, office stuff. The money is not great, but it is better than not working.