Settling in for lunch

looks like pizza today. and a banana for lunch. will soon be eating healthier but that will probably start when I get paid for the month.

just got a 2 hour lifting session in am kind of feeling it. worked my whole body. originally the plan was to stretch and do cardio the first hour and lift the second but my running partner, my mom doesn’t like to run until the afternoons. so I’ve decided to just lift 2 hours a day now. I like to run but I have to drive into town and go to the park to jog, which is a bit of a inconvenience. im hoping to save up some money and buy a treadmill so I can run at home before my workouts.

in the garden today, just going to be taking a trip to lowes to buy wood and paint to build my raised beds. im adding 3 this year. I decided not to grow greens in the ground but in the raised beds, easier to weed and maintain that way. I should still be able to grow all my greens in raised beds.

also I have some paid work lined up for the season. dad needs me to dig a 2 foot deep trench about 120 feet from the house to the garage. he wants electric at the garage so that my army uncle can park and hookup his rv when he visits. will pay $300, I work cheap. also I’m going to cut up the drift wood and clear the beach for $200 dollars and finally going to cut up some trees dad is pulling out by the pond for an additional $200. should keep me busy and give me some extra money for Christmas gifts.


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