Settling down and update

Yesterday I moved in with my future husband.

I’m so tired… packing, unpacking, cleaning, organizing. Now I have my own beautiful office and walk in closet.
I set up my desk… I will clean again soon. I organized all the kitchen and today people are gonna come to install our new appliances. Dreams are coming true.

I will decorate my office soon too. Thank god for everything, I’ve worked for everything in my life, very few family members have helped me in my life. I’m glad I know my partner, he’s the most awesome guy on earth. good people are rare so if you find them, make sure you stick around for a long time. He has done a lot for me.

Hope soon, after decoration and when I get all my furniture, I can take some pretty pictures. =^o^=


love iz universal…
ur lucky to find loving partner…
best wishes for divine future…!!!:pray:


That’s great honey! So glad you’re happy, you deserve it :slight_smile:


Hi @sleepybug This is good news to read!

I hope everything goes smoothly with the appliance installations.

Good to see you back on the board!

Did you go away on your holiday yet?

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Hey beautiful lady :o)

Yes, I went and came back last weekend. Now settling down, I have a lot to do and I will start volunteering soon too.

Hope you are well =^o^=

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@sleepybug wow, your life sounds so exciting…sorry you were so tired from moving but wow! really good for you !! I wondered where you’ve been?

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Good for you sleepybug. Enjoy.

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