"setting up voices"

So do you think it is possible for mental health staff (Psychologists, LSCW, etc.) to cause your voices to do what they want? What i mean is that they know how to change, warp, or decide what your voices will say to you? Like how your voices interact with you? Like when they first meet you they can “set up” the voices to be a certain way or say certain things.

Not in any of my encounters!

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I’m not sure. Some mental health staff wish the best for you and care about you maybe others care less. I don’t know if they try to change your voices but what they say can influence what voices you begin to think.

hmmm. well the voices i had before i saw a therapist were the same for 3 years, even during treatment. Im not sure ether. the whole time that i saw a therapist the voices were the same. its weird.

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I don’t think so. If it’s possible I doubt that they would be that clever.

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I have not told my psychologist I hear voices. Only to my pdoc. But I think they talk to each other. I told my psychologist once that I hear the ocean in my head. But she couldn’t make it stop. I don’t think therapists and stuff can alter your voices.

The correct information about the vocal entities must take it’s natural place in the knowledge of
the psychologists,must be within the context of an integrated whole case,not isolated as a phenomenon
of hearing voices
-Anyone of you know that,the psychologist can not hears these voices/ or know the root origin of them/
the mechanism of sending the vocal messages or the hearing mechanism…etc
=Where from or from where the psychologist be able to know these facts ?
=It is supposed that the schizophrenic individual is the main player in the process of description of the internal facts that related with the hidden creatures that produce the inner voices ,because there is no any scientific means be able to observe,perceive,sample,realize,recognize,apprehend the existence of the hidden creatures of their voices
=be honest when you give any information about the vocal facts that you know

*does anyone of you notice that ,when you are in the case of hearing the voices,in reality: you are in the case of hearing and speaking " the inner heard word becomes on your tongue’s edge " ,and that mechanism causing the personal suffering ,because it is not like what is happen when you hear the physical voices which be emission in the air *

my fear i guess is that they know way more than us and keep that information to themselves. They then use the information to their advantage. Maybe to test certain theories or stop suicidal behavior. Kind of like “the means justifies the end”

I’m not trying to freak anyone out. This seems like an issue I’ll think about more

try putting charcoal mesh screen in a hat with a cell phone screen protection sheet that comes on new phones, and put velcro and fresh basil or sage leaves in the hats flap. then in shoes put charcoal mesh screen flip phone screen parts and rubber keypad underneath buttons with two torus neodymium magnets, see how the voices change.

yes, they can induce psychosis. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction, or as a believer thee ability to speak scenarios into existence? If you know how to speak to someones heart, mind, subconscious, etc. It is possible. That comes with heightened awareness I believe!