Setting out to lose a lot of weight and play basketball again

I was a 3pt specialist in high school and I’ve been following the NBA since I was less than 5 feet tall. I love basketball.

Last time I went on the court I was so overweight that I couldn’t keep up in a simple pickup game.

I’m going on the Paleo diet, the longest (more than 2,000 years) fad diet in history. :smile:

I went on a 90 minute hike yesterday and nearly collapsed. I’m really out of shape. I’m probably going to buy myself a CBT workbook for weight loss, in addition to my new diet.

Wish me luck :sunglasses: :grin:


Yeah I’m out of shape to. Decided I will walk to school everyday and back.
Good luck!

(Did you take your meds?)

I wish you luck. :smile:
Being fit…it has some advantages. :wink:

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Meds taken :heavy_check_mark:

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My frickin hero

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Good luck! Feel better.

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my favorite players

kg kevin garnett
steve nash
chandler parsons
kawhi leonard

best of luck, get back out on the court, it can be so much fun

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Good luck. Consider a calorie controlled diet, if the other one doesn’t work out. Plenty of advice and apps for calorie counting on the internet.

kg is a beast.
steve nash is a magician.
chandler parson a sharpshooter
kawhi leonard - the shy defense guy. Lol

Mine are

Angre iguodala
dwayne wade
steve nash
Goran Dragic

and if you’re friends with your teammates its like twice as fun.

true. but some nights, when the chips are down, and you hit that big three, it can be so uplifting.

Oh man I know :grin:

I forgot about iggy… all around superstar

Very humble and good guy too.

My favorite team is the Warriors. I grew up near them and got into them during the 2007 playoffs.


Mavs, Spurs, and Clippers. If I had to choose, I’d go with lob city