Setting boundaries with people

I cant seem to form the right kind of friendships anymore. I think its a part of getting older maybe. this person completely tore me down today, said my dad doesnt love me and has his own mansion–is prob cheating on my mom–would kick me out of she wasnt around–that i should be focused on saving money up for the future because ill be on my own–that school is worthless–that im wasting my time being here–i should move out of state–be with him…

the amount of demeaning cruel things he said to me leaves me feeling terrible…and then it started out he was reaching out to me because he was concerned about a post i made on facebook–so he pathologically manipulates me into thinking he even cares–says I have paranoid schizophrenia–that my delusions arent real–then he says to stop taking the meds and try LSD and drink beer.

i have this problem where people contact me and Im afraid to hang up on them, or confront them-and when I do they threaten me or tell me im stupid…


too bad though, LSD does not even work on me…Im immune to LSD just like BS. I just have troubles, Im not a prude–its that all the dudes I end up close to and then find out their immature and are small down there–ever since the Pandemic its like all the GOOD ones have vanished—are they hiding or something?

every time I think about him my skin starts to itch…some people are so bad I am literally allergic to their presence…could be an omen…when ur around someone and break into hives…there is no one left to trust…

I’m old at 50 but I’m aggressively social. Still. Going psychotic and getting on meds sorted me out a lot when it comes to people. My needs are few and I often spent too much time on negative people. Alcoholics, druggies…people who used me but I still thought they were my friends.

Getting diagnosed forced me to be more pragmatic. I think a lot more about myself. I’m still friendly and have a great group of people but I don’t need anymore friends so those toxic relationships I’ve weeded out of my life…

It’s a weird world. Avoid the drugs and make new friends which is hard as you age…unless you find common ground like at clubs/activities/hobbies etc.


That is what the issue is…friendships are hard to form and keep…

Man, that seems like a no brainer. That guy is bad for you and you should break off all contact. It’s obvious he doesn’t think very highly of you at all so leave the loser. I get treated pretty bad-but not even as bad as that guy treated you.


Friendships seem to be about give and take.

And I don’t want to give or take. Not from normals. I just don’t/can’t/want to relate to them.

I guess I do want some socialization cause I’m on this forum.

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Come to think of it I have only ever dated people with schizophrenia…I feel like its easier to have friends with that common awareness…just reflecting on it, and like this one person I have known for 10 years and he left me a message on instagram and I cant tell if hes joking or not…he also called me today…but like thats it and sure we used to chill all the time before the pandemic–everyone has gone ghost or anti-social toward me…so I went on a blocking rampage and just blocked everyone then deleted facebook—I still have their cellphone numbers…

being clean/sober in recovery finding someone non-judgemental who actually relates or understands what schizoaffective or bipolar is like…those are the people I get along with…


Yeah it’s hard to make friends as you age with a mental health disorder. Best places are getting to groups where like people are. Sporting clubs, social clubs, hobbies etc. There’s interesting places to meet people for those who don’t work etc.

My only rule is don’t sleep with anyone crazier than yourself. It works for me when it comes to relationships.


you’re right about that @77nick77 I shouldnt give people that power or benefit of doubt…there is nothing around me to socialize much…

thinking of moving to florida or somewhere warm

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that dude was a total prick though, he wouldnt let me even say anything back…he just kept ranting to hear himself talk…

I applied for a passport…have money coming at the end of the month…like Im so sick of being trapped at my house–Im not even allowed to have friends over—

i know I wanted to be his friend, but i Have to block him. He is bad news. Had to…


Thats literally the worst advice ive ever heard anyone give to someone with schizophrenia. Please do not listen to this person, maybe they have some problems with themselves, but dont let it drag you down. Your life is good, keep making it better and stay healthy, physical and mental

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Reminds me of a show i saw today. A 600 lb woman trying to lose weight to regain her life and her boyfriend broke up with her cause he doesnt want her to lose weight. Sounds very toxic.

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yeah it triggered me and he must have been doing that on purpose…dont even want to think about it anymore going to put it out of my mind and move on.

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