Setting a new goal

I have a new goal of playing soccer again. I just ordered a new pair of cleats. I haven’t played in eight years or so.


That’s great :slight_smile: Be kind to yourself when you first start up. It’ll take practice to get back where you were before and that’s ok.

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Good for you. I guess you’ll have to wait until the lockdown is over, but have you got somewhere in mind or a team to join where you can play?

That is great. We have backpackers playing soccer all the time in the park. I think its organised by the hostels. Its going on for years. The council build a few basketball courts around here but not close enough to walk there and throw a few baskets.

I’m planning on playing by myself at first, then joining pick-up games after that.

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Sport it good for you for sure. It keeps me with the desire to improve my fitness and to socialize even if I feel like isolating. I enjoy it and it’s a good idea to build up your fitness. Football in it’s forms is hard work when your running.

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