Service dogs?

I’ve been wanting a service dog for a while to help with sensory issues paranoia depression and anxiety. Now that my now ex is moving out I think I can apply for one. She’s taking her dog so now theres a spot. I definitely don’t want any more pets but a service dog for ssure. I’m hoping vocational rehab can provide me with one since it’s school and job related.


I have a lab, they make excellent companions.
She is still a puppy but they don’t make great watchdogs.

She loves everyone!

Labradors make excellent service dogs.

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You could train one yourself or get one from an organization!

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I’d absolutely love to train one myself but I don’t have the funds for classes. I really think vr can help me get one for an org

Where are you located? A friend of mine in US got her dog from an organization.

I’m in the US as well

Here’s the website that has a list of foundations that provide service dogs.


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