Serotonergic-Muscarinic Interaction within the Prefrontal Cortex as a Novel Target to Reverse Schizophrenia-Related Cognitive Symptoms


If all chemical processes can be reversed in the nature.

But,the chemical processes that accompany the psychotic process (which driven by the vocal emitter ) occur in the forward direction ONLY and do not regress in the opposite direction in all period of wakefulness time !

Once the process occurs,there is no place to retreat in the opposite direction

This process results in the loss of an amount of neuron energy during the chemistry of wakefulness
The lost amount can be fully or partially recovered during the sleep chemistry only !

The cohesion of the higher knowledge processes (which driven by the psychotic emitter),one with other in a continous and inseparable stream during wakefulness ,makes the chemical processes always work in the frontal direction without the slightest chance of occurrence of reverse processes that restore the state of equilibrium ( the situation in which the brain chemistry was before the frontal process)

Neuron energy is gradually lost with the passage of time during each any higher knowledge process occurs in waking time

what is lost while awake,can only replaced during sleep !

The implementation of any higher mental process (whether its subject content is realistic or far from reality ) results in the loss of part of cell’s energy ,it does not lead to the acquisition of energy from Any higher knowledge process (real or unreal) and storage it in the cell body !