Seroquel work for you need to know others opinions

seroquel work for you need to know others opinions before i give it up for yet another pill

Makes me sleep well at night.

Geodon and Seroquel together have kept me stable for over ten years. Those are the drugs that are easiest for me to tolerate.

My father was on seroquel before olanzipine. Both made him manic. The seroquel also gave him migraines and muscle spasms and tweaks in his hands and arms.

do you take anything else

The only other psychotropic drug I take is Wellbutrin. I didn’t think it was doing anything until I had to do without it for a day. I also take fish oil, which is supposed to have an effect on your head, as well as other beneficial effects. They quit putting it in my med. tray for a while, so I bought it myself. Now they’re back to putting it in my tray. The other drugs I take are for purely physical symptoms - “Flomax” for an enlarged prostate, and “Pepcid” for acid indigestion.

I tolerate Seroquel well, and Olanzipine makes me mildly depressed. I live in a grey world when I am on that drug.

I was taking it not too long ago, but it had some very strange side affects. Did you notice any strange side affects shortly after taking it? I think I was on 200mg a day.

I’m on Seroquel and Latuda. It’s been a good combo for me.

the Seroquel keeps my head from spinning and sort of calms me down a bit… but the latuda keeps the Seroquel from knocking me into a numb state of flatness with no motivation.