Seroquel? Questions?


i think 400mg of Seroquel is a therapeutic dose, but it can go up to as high as 800mg


You do you. I’ll do me.


Haldol does have high affinity for d2 receptors starting as low as 2 mg and is within the antipsychotic threshold. But… it has to be taken 2-3 times a day to keep receptors occupied. I agree as needed only is not going to produce a consistent ap effect. I think @LED takes it like a booster dose, since he already also gets it in shot form too which is the majority of the haldol. There have been papers published on dopamine receptor occupancy and doses within the antipsychotic threshold. These are written by doctors which I am sure you know given your education. I am just sharing knowledge just as you are. I appreciate your insight and views. One can read all the syllabus for a degree at a university and understand it with out having a degree in anything. It is unfortunate you have the opinion that one who does not have a degree cannot know or understand things such as these. But that’s ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Diabsidid so basically my 12.5 dose is unheard of ? It probably won’t do anything ?


Only way to know what it’ll do is to try it. The doctor prescribed it for a reason.

Are you under 18? That could also have something to do with the tiny dose.


I’m 17 yeah! 15151515


I’m turning 18 on the 28th


So I guess I should just take it as prescribed and hope that it does what the doctor says? He told me to take it when I feel a extreme low, delusional/paranoid. I guess knocking me out will stop those thoughts but … :?


Are you on any other meds? Also yeah that explains the dose, minors tend to get different doses than adults. Sort of silly when you’re only a year away from being considered an adult but whatever.


Im on 0.25 cloneazepam twice a day and 20mg of prozac


Hmm well I’m sure they have some sort of reasoning. Don’t be afraid to ask doctors why you’re being prescribed something and what it will do :slight_smile: It’s important to be educated in your treatment.


I used to get 25mg of seroquel (quetiapine) as a prn to take as and when required. I used to find it calmed me down very effectively when I felt agitated, paranoid or was starting to hallucinate. It was pretty quick acting and I found it really helpful to have that small dose to take when needed. I also found if I took it at night I fell asleep really easily and slept for a good 10-12 hours, although waking in the morning was like trying to swim through mud!