Seroquel is a godsend

I was first prescribed it to help with my sleep ages ago but discovered as a side effect it also helps tremendously with my overactive bladder, essentially making me feel like I don’t have it, and that is something no official on label bladder med has ever been able to do for me. All those meds just gave me horrendous dry mouth or did nothing.

I have quit it before because sometimes when I’m sedated I want to keep eating and it lowers my sex drive. But I have become much more disciplined in my eating and find I don’t have that problem so much now or when I do I am able to pick healthy snacks. And honestly i don’t really care if my sex drive is lower because it is annoyingly high already.

It is nice that it kind of helps with my sleep too. I plan on staying on this med forever just for the bladder help really. I have gone months and months with a severe bladder flare up that nothing was helping with and FINALLY i have sweet relief.

summary: was prescribed seroquel to help w sleep, found out it helps tremendously with my overactive bladder and basically makes my bladder normal again which after months of a severe flare up where no other meds or anything brought me relief this is huge and very awesome.


yes i am on seroquel too … It helps…

I’ve found seroquel great as well although I’m not a big fan of the insane cotton mouth Lol

It doesn’t cause me dry mouth at all weirdly.

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I take it too. I already have a binge eating disorder. My sex drive exists. Lol. Waiting for that correct man. He is probably a Brit!

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Glad it helps you!

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I hated seroquel! Should have got off it way earlier. Nice to hear you lot are happy with it though. Its a fairly new drug in the grand scheme of things isnt it?

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