Seroquel and sulpride

This is my second day on my full dose of 450 mg seroquel and 400 mg sulpride for the auditory hallucinations i I only have voices nothing else… is this a hefty dose because its 2 aps?

Im on 2 aps aswell.
I would wait a while and see how you feel on this medications. If you feel its too much talk with your doc.


Thanks for the reply tried many meds nithing worked so im giving this mix a shot


Seroquel is a total blessing in my life and I’m currently on 800 mg Seroquel by mouth 2 akineton by mouth and Clopixol 500 mg depot every 3. Week. Seroquel was the best thing that happened in my life.
In the last 20 years I’ve used Geodon. I finally got rid of it by upping the fantastic marvelous Seroquel to 800 mgs.

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Nice to hear ya dr says he will up me to 600 mg if this current dose doesnt help

Just follow your doctors instructions :grinning:

All of a sudden I’m not so self assured because 800 mg made it hard for me to pie so now I’m going to take 600 mg Seroquel.

Make sure to talk to your dr since you want to change your dose. It still needs to be monitored.