Sermon 003

We are born absorbatent creatures…

Be careful.

Be warry.

Life is a schmuck.

Merry xmas m8s…///

What do you mean by "absorbatent? I am naturally wary and careful.

I think I get the idea of adapting to the culture around us… random bit’s of information that sticks in the brain… shaping our thoughts…

Watch only Fear and loathing news… the brain will become full of fear and loathing.

Indulge in something more positive and healing… and it will help the brain.

it’s either that or I take on a lot of water when I’m swimming.

Could have been clearer. Bot so much about indulgence, more the tendency to mimic and emulate that which is viable and that which we are capable of.

“Someone pass me the schematics… There has to be some instructions somewhere.”

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