Uncle Billy stood as straight as he was able, holding on to his cane and looking soberly at the little throng…
“Well, sir!” he exclaimed, by way of introduction. "A farmer was haulin’ manure, don’t you know, and ‘is truck
broke down in front of a mental institution. One of th’ patients, he leaned over th’ fence, said, ‘What’re you
goin’ t’ do with y’r manure?’ "
"Farmer said, ‘I’m goin’ t put it on m’ strawberries.’ "
“Feller said, ‘We might be crazy, but we put whipped cream on our’n.’”


ha ha. I like that @Jayster !


Good one! :smile: 151515


A woman bought a pair of crotchless underwear to spice up her love life. She put on a short skirt and sexy top. At dinner she spread her legs to give her husband an eyeful and said, “you want some of this?”

He replied, “Hell no! Look what it did to your underwear!”


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