Seriously what's going on

I know I need to see my pdoc. I’m calling tomorrow
. I missed our last appointment because I moved last minute and I’ve I’ve sk stressed out. Well here’s my symptoms, not sure what’s going on. Im diagnosed sza bipolar type.
Starting 3 months ago I stopped being able to eat. I became delusional and paranoid and had hallucinations for about 2 months. Medication change took away the voices. On May 18 I had a domestic violence situation and left my fiance. For 3 days after that I had constant flashbacks and couldn’t eat or sleep at all so i checked myself in. Another med change and I could eat again. Since then I barely eat still but it’s gotten a lot better. I sleep an average of 4 hours a night. Only a couple nightmares about the incident but still flashbacks every day. I had a really bad one a couple weeks ago and had chest pains for 12 hours. The voices have returned but really mild. Though I did hallucinate my first full blown person a week ago.
I felt very manic yesterday going to work. Then a couple hours into my shift I crashed really hard and got sensory overload from the scanner at my register (they didn’t fulfill my accommodation to have it turned off in time). I left work early and had a.meltdown when the bus drove by me. Woke up super early this morning with my mind absolutely racing and jumbled thoughts that make no sense. Suicidal off and on. Depressed.

Maybe mixed episode but idk??


Ever since this I’ve been feeling manic again but sleeping better

You’ve had a rough situation and your mind can’t relax. You need medication and perhaps some therapy. Also you need to get your sleep sorted out. Do you have any sleeping pills? Also it sounds like PTSD.

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I’m on abilify and go to therapy every week and have for years! So I’m covered there. But yeah I could definitely see how it’s related to ptsd. I know I already had that and just had another trauma

Do you have anything that can help you relax? medication? even something you can do that might distract you from how you feel (music or tv maybe)?

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Not really:/ I just moved and I don’t have internet set up so I can’t watch TV. Music and guitar helps and art. But it’s not always accessible

Sleep is step 1 right now. If you can sleep a whole night, your other symptoms should lessen a bit. Can your doc call in any emergency sleep pills? Or can you take nyquil, Benadryl, or unisom?


I can’t find any of my meds. I could ask for a sleep aid or some sort yeah but im.not sure she’d give any tonme

In my experience, over the counter sleep aids work better than rx ones. I’ve stayed awake through trazadone, hydroxyzine, remerol, amitriptyline, rohypnol, Ambien, lunesta, and a few others. Nothing seems as effective as a simple dose of Nyquil.


Gotcha. Yeah hydroxyzine is what I have… somewhere. It barely does anything. I’ll get some nyquil

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