Seriously, how much work is necessary?

it’s ridiculous, the thought of working 60 hours a week or more. how much work is necessary? if everybody worked and we all did our share of the work, that would be much less work. im thinking no more than 25- 30 hours of work a week. allowing more free time, to share internet memes.

and no i don’t think you’re hard working or driven if you want to put in long hours at work, in some attempt to get rich or be promoted to king of america haha. you are probably just stressed.

better pay, less hours i say. more part timers are needed.


i worked 60 hours a week for a year one time and only made 35k-40k. im thinking i need about 100k a year to do that again. i was totally exhausted and stressed all the time, eating fast food because i was too tired to cook.


I want to get paid to not work.

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I worked 2 jobs 7/7 days for 2 years. One was in a supermarket and the other selling clothes in a mall.
It was from 16 y.o. to 18 y.o., I had taken a break from school. I didn’t hung out enough with my friends as I didn’t have time. Some days I worked from 8AM to 11PM. I was paid extra time 1.5x the regular salary so made good money for my age.

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the average person should make at least 2k per month, 2.5 k if they want to get ahead or have a family and dont find ways to save. i know the economy is stuck with a lot of low wage jobs, i think i read that like almost half of people make only 1.5 k per month

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all this freaking work and full employment, surely my god is gdp haha. just kidding, im kinda a minimalist only buying the necessities, except for christmas gifts.

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