Serious question? serious answers only

i cant decide where to live when i win the lottery tonight. should i live in denver, colorado in the summer, and winter in phoenix, arizona. or should i stay east of the mississsippi river and summer in cincinnati, ohio be a season ticket holder to cincinnati reds games, and then winter in miami, florida. sometimes the desert gets cold in the winter. i don’t know what to do? haha

live in d moment no is garrebtted tnrow

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I can’t imagine a single lottery winner choosing to live in Ohio. No offense to Ohio.

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yeah but im a homer, i could buy an old historic building in over the rhine cincinnati fix it up and live there, then walk to the stadium. over the rhine is gentrifying these past 2 decades, lots of money being invested there now, in what once was the most crime ridden neighborhood per square foot in the country, i heard on the radio yesterday. say what you will about ohio, but i could never see myself living in new york city, too many people and cold for me.

Come live in my basement. Bring your winnings as cash. Don’t tell anyone where you’re going.


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