Serious memory problems

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I have severe memory loss/disfunction, both short and long term - this now becomes an issues and SO already complains about it as well. I take Zyprexa (15mg) and Wellbutrin (600mg). I cannot remember what i said/wrote/did some hours ago, i can however remember contents of what others did say/do and construct a memory out of it, not always correct but usually good enough. Some days later i either don’t remember anything at all anymore (more common) or remember it better, which is not really bound to any noticeable mental changes. Long term i fail entirely from at least 0-16y and a bit less on shorter times, i can’t remember what i did last christmas or on birthdays, i can’t remember much of school anymore (maybe in total like 10 days) and not much from childhood either (maybe total a month) - I lack memories of most “important” things that next to anyone can recall, like school graduation(s), childhood friends, travel and similar things, which is pretty disturbing…

Same here. Yes, same here.

yes, I forget if I transferred money like I wanted to and thought about,
if I actually did it,

then I might get overdrawn at the bank, and pay the price.

They say playing games, doing puzzles, doing tests can help.
I’m not sure what your libraries offer, but at ours,

you can act like a student preparing to take ACT or GMAT,
and do all the practice tests online. offers free classes, some with quizzes.
Looking at old pictures helps.

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My cognitive memory issues are mainly working memory (short term immediate memory), my long term memory is still good however thinking/acting in the moment is dismally disordered. Zyprexa is good for working memory, when I was on it my working memory was like that of a neurotypical.

Your memory problems could come from acute stress. I find myself forgetting things I should know, like the name of a town, a store, or a person. I find myself having to stop and try to remember what I was doing when I am engaged in a task. I hope it’s not Alzheimer’s. Both my parents died of that. I’m 57, so that’s a little young for that to begin.