Sep 363856 clinical trial recruitment

Do check if you live nearby for clinical trials to get free access to medicine

WI never has these trials, instead we get migraine ones that never go past phase one. Sucks for that too.

That’s really unfortunate, might consider moving to a place with trial going on

The trial description mentions a requirement of having been in a prior trial of the drug to qualify.

Can’t be true, phase iii require more people than phase ii

I think this is the without prerequisite trial:

There seem to be 4 clinical trials in phase 3 right now:

4 trials

Thanks for finding the right link

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Up so people can join the trial for free medicine

Up join for free medicine if it’s near where you are living

Thats seroquel xr it says so just tweaked seroquel right?

I think it’s just normal seroquel being used as a comparison

Trial still ongoing

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There are four ongoing trials, do you live in California or any of the trial sites?

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