Sentence of the day

What is your sentence of the day? :blue_heart:


They worry about the most unimportant things on earth, and cause the most disastrous things, and claim you have a problem.

Single payer Medicare for all
Will save the country 600 billion dollars.

10 to life. I like that sentence. If I was a judge I’d hand out that sentence all day long.

Judge: what time is it?
Accused: 5 to 10
Judge: that’s exactly what you’ll get


Was from a Bob Dylan song

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Haha ! So it is. I googled it and got this :

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I really like the song. In fact I have just put the album on.

The song divided fans though according to this guy I knew. He was a huge fan of Dylan.

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People just playing tricks to delight the audience.

It’s OK to be alone for a while… :upside_down_face:

Music eases the soul but singing is better.

ain’t seen nuffin yet

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