Sensitive to the world

I feel depression and pain over such trivial things I think. Small animals being treated cruel for one. The puppies next door are getting ready to be cold during the winter and I worry if they gave them their shots. They never get any love and when they do let them out of their kennel they yell and talk mean to them. I want to punch them in the face even though in the past we have been friends. A lot of people that own pets should not. All dogs want is love and so few actually get the attention and love they deserve. Then we have the homeless people out there without shelter, many of them mentally ill. sad sad sad…


Some day I would like to own a couple of golden retrievers. Or maybe a couple of Siberian Huskies.

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Our three dogs are like true members of the family. They sleep on our beds and get treated like the Queens they are. Love 'em to bits!

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yes, I get great comfort from my dogs. At least I can give love to them and they are especially needy once they know I will pet and soothe them when they come to me.

I am a cat person, in America I had four cats but had to give them up during the divorce, then I lived with my black cat in my car for a year, well I lived in an auto over two years, I traveled with that black cat in many places in America, once we drove from Miami to LA, stayed there for a month and drove back to Miami, eventually I taught the cat to be with other cats on one university campus where they gave food to all cats.