Sensitive to Medications

My psychiatrist said that I am sensitive to medications - I tend to agree with this. I do well with lower doses usually of different kinds of meds. I feel the different side effects right away - when taking a med.
I really am better off starting low and taking it slow when going up on a medication.
I now am on a pretty low dose of Risperdal -Lamictal and Klonopin and it is working for me at these low doses-
Any one else have a Medication sensitivity? or am I the only freak in town

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I feel I’ve only really been truly aware and stable for 18- 20 months. I’m still new to paying attention to side effects.

I do believe that as more people go longer with no incident or glitch, they do become more aware of what their meds are doing because they have the ability to pay attention.

I bet your not the only one in the boat.

Sorry, but that made me a bit sad. Your not a freak. You’ve just been consciously aware longer then I have.

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I respond well to medication. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to, for the most part, avoid long term hospitalization. I don’t seem to have many side effects.

I’ll admit that my response to medication has, at times, lead me to risky med taking behavior, skipping doses, knowing that I can take them again and get better fast. I don’t do that these days, I don’t like rolling dice with my life.


What I meant about being the only freak in town is am I the only one that is super sensitive to taking meds - it is a saying - I am not calling myself a literal freak -

Sorry… been a hyper sensitive day… today I find.

Already got in a bit of a tiff with my Dad and my sis. It will smooth… but again… having a hypersensitive day…


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No its okay J all is cool, I hope you feel better soon buddy

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Some med’s I’m sensitive to, and some I’m not. I can take just about any amount of Trazodone, and it does nothing to me. If I take just a little of a typical anti-psychotic I am really sedated.