Sensitive and weepy

Anyone else very sensitive? Cry really easy? Easily disturbed by scary movies or violent movies? Or people or animals being hurt in a movie or on TV. Like you can’t bear to watch it because it’s too distressing. On occasion I feel unplugged, numb. But mostly I’m sensitive to everything. Is this part of sz, or just a personality thing? I also have very disturbing, intrusive thoughts that make me want to crawl out of my skin.

I wouldn’t say I’m sensitive like that, but I do tend to identify with victims, be they in nature or among humanity. So much horrible stuff happens that you will be hamstrung if you let it upset you. You’d always be down from thinking about it.

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I can’t handle violence, I can’t watch violent scenes on the tv or shows, I get really upset. Ruins my mood for days.

A week ago a guy came here describing how he tortured animals I’m still shaken up. Can’t forget it.


Yeah, I would say that Im Hypersensitive.

I cannot take violence or depictions of Abuse on TV or in Movies, etc…

I sometimes will get weepy at certain commercials for goodness sake.[quote=“Minnii, post:3, topic:44442”]
A week ago a guy came here describing how he tortured animals I’m still shaken up

Man that shook me up pretty good too - @Minnii


I feel like the insulation around my nerves has been worn away…

I swing between a negative flatness… to a hypersensitive state where even little things upset me and rattle me for ages.

Scary movies… NO Way

bad news… can’t really handle it

there are a lot of things I can’t take…

Your not alone… hope you feel better soon


Don’t sweat it, @leelee

I cried every time Lucy would pull the football away from Charlie Brown right when he was about to kick it!

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Me too. On 60 minutes last night there was a story about a guys final days on death row. That got to me.



I’m not sure most people realize how sensitive I am.

There’s a song lyric by the band Eels…“How do you stand when you’ve been crushed” that’s how I feel right now. It isn’t stuff like movies or the news that gets to me much though, just that there’s a ton of pain I live with and I trust too easily even at times when I know better.

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i’m sensitive to the point i cant watch TV.

Yeah my nerves are not good I’m hypersensitive whether I want to be or not. I imagine it is an aspect of the illness