Sensible Sleeping Positions

Everyone always tells me that it’s normal to sleep facing the door to a room, that way you can be alert if someone unexpected enters it. For most of my life, I followed this pattern. Then, because of a piercing on one of my ears that was irritated, and only being able to sleep on my left side, I had to move my pillow and face the wall instead.

That was when I had a bunkbed. Now my bed is pushed into my closet, the end of the mattress facing the door. But I don’t sleep on my back. So this is uesless. I can sleep on either my right or left side now but find I feel safer on my right because it faces most of the room.

This is a really terrible post because it requires you to be able to visualize my room. But I was just wondering if this is a normal concern? To want to be able to see the room when you try and sleep? Not just schizophrenics do this, right?

I always sleep on my left side, it’s easier to breathe for some reason because of my COPD. I also do not like to sleep facing away from the center of the room.

I think pretty much everyone has their own little quirks about sleeping. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.


I guess I’m kind of nervous about my older sister moving out the room and a few cities away, because I plan to move my bed where hers is and she always talks about how she can feel things adding pressure to her mattress. Our house is very active, in the sense of spirits. I don’t want anything to get triggered. But I’m hoping the spirits will just go with her mattress wherever she ends up and I’ll be okay haha.

I’ve never heard that. I don’t worry about someone unexpected coming in because if it really happened I would be asleep anyway. Plus I lock the front door to my studio and I figure that’s enough to keep anyone out. I have gotten paranoid in the past and slept with a knife under my pillow.

My bedroom is triangle but I still sleep facing the door!

I used to sleep with a knife under my pillow too! My sister kept pepper spray and a tazer near by as well as something filled with coins to hit someone with if it came down to it haha.
Now i just keep the knife on the shelf in my closet, above my head. Hope it never slips through the crack and hits me!

No it’s not just schizophrenics. I think everyone has their quirks as Malvok stated. I’m 42 and after watching a scary movie I still close closet doors etc. :blush:

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I start facing the bedroom door mainly because I have this recurring paranoia that someone is in my flat and will get me if I turn to face the window . However I doubt I stay that way after falling asleep as we change positions usually several times during sleep according to research.

Whatever works, works :slight_smile: I sleep with a pillow over my head - people think it’s strange but it’s something I got used to during childhood because we lived on a noisy main-road. I now live on the quietest street, you’re lucky to hear anything past 9 pm but the habit remains.

I’ve never heard the theory about facing the door. My bed is facing the window so I can jump out in case of fire. Plus, I have to be on the ground floor… again for the same reason.

I like to be facing a wall next to the door. It wouldn’t be so direct if someone came in, but I would still be aware. I sleep on my back. Only way I can breathe.

I like to turn away from the world and face the wall.

I make sure that my feet or hands never dangle over the side of the mattress, because a monster comes out at night and gobbles anything dangling!
Thank goodness I’m not a guy.

Lol. ANYthing? You’re not out of the woods yet. Girls dangle things too.

Not usually until after age 50-hopefully!

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