Sense of unease

I spent most of the holidays alone. I mean I met up with family but I found it quite hard going.

Am currently sitting listening to music on my headphones trying to keep these feelings of unease away. This sentiment is hard to explain - not really lonely as such - cos tbh I don’t think company would do me good.

No I think these feelings come on during the holidays and effect sensitive souls like myself. Maybe it is a sense of anticlimax.

Anyone ever feel funny at this time of year?

I feel more depressed than usual at this time of year. Just the fact it’s supposed to be fun times and it’s not for me.

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man I had basically a full relapse after my family was in town for 3 days… they respectfully left…

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It seems that my anxiety, depression and paranoia gets worse around the Holidays.

My Aunt is staying over our house for a week and I’m really on edge!

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I don’t know if it relates but I used to have serious downs growing up when a session of good interaction ended. Then it eventually evolved into where I started having catatonic episodes in the middle of playing with others or whatever and I just felt kinda… not sure what the word is.

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